Change job after I-485 filed


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Hi all,

How INS differentiate whether you were laid off or change the job yourself or does it matter? Please offer your advice and thanks very much!




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I think it matters

I think it matter, if you are laid off, then you had good intention to join the sponser after approval, which you can't if you are laid off...

my 2 cents



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Doesn't matter one way or the other because of the following:

1. If you left the job on your own regard, you wouldn't have done it unless you had a better/similar job lined up already, under AC21 you can change jobs after 180 days, it makes no mention of "INTENT"

2. If you got laid off, (this is on the proviso that you get employed within a short period of time), you had intent to work, so should be okay.

I would go so far as to say 1. is a better situation to be in as compared to 2. Just because you might not get a job of similar background.