Change DOB that was documented falsely ~40 years ago

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I'm asking this question for my mom...

I found this all out recently that my mom's actual age is about four / five years older than what's documented with the US when she emigrated here about 40 years ago from Vietnam (she said she was a refuge if that matters). She's currently documented as being 54 years old.

She told me that her dad lied about her age being younger by about five years because he thought they wouldn't accept her into high school at the time in Virginia.

The reason why I'm asking about this is because I was curious of when she'll want to retire and move into my modestly sized house in North Carolina with my wife and kids and she said around 8 - 10 years from now; when she'll be eligible for full retirement benefits. But she'll be around 69 - 70 in real age. This concerns me because her mom and her mom's mom did not live to be that old due to cancer and diseases. And if it's going to be the same for my mom, she won't make it to retirement. We already lost my dad three years ago to pancreatic cancer. Which is why is why I'm wondering if it's possible to petition to correct her age so she can retire with full benefits in less time.


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I assume you need it for her SSN benefits. If your mother naturalized before 1990, then her naturalization was done in the federal court. You can file a civil action in the federal court with proper documentation to change the date and say that she was unaware of her correct birth date.If the judge issues an order, USCIS will have to issue a new certificate. If she was naturalized administratively by uscis then it’s going to be hard but you can still try the federal lawsuit. Its very uncommon for people in other cultures to not know their actual DOB. Its unlikely that this can be done without a court order.