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CEGONSOFT is the product of syndicated effort of a team of experts with over a decade of experience in their respective fields. Our prime objective is to render quality services in the three aspects that play a major role in IT industry. The secret behind our rapid growth is that we aim at delivering projects right on time, no matter how challenging they are. This applies to all the areas that we are into.

CEGONSOFT understands that for an IT venture to be complete Expertise, Human Resources & Technology are the key factor that requires concentration. This has been the foundation of CEGONSOFT and today CEGONSOFT has established itself with these 3 independently successful divisions:
Software Training
Software Development (Software Engineering & Development Centre - i3IT People)
HR Consultancy
The synergies of all three divisions are combined to benefit our clients, students and candidates that are seeking a job.
Software Training Top
Ever in the History of Cegonosft, it has been an easy task for freshers and job seekers to find their way into IT industry. We researched on the expectations of our IT clients from the candidates and the syllabuses were designed based on the results. IT industry is vast, but the psychology is simple. Candidates with adequate knowledge in technology with a reasonable communication skill to explain his/her work are preferred. With this as basis, Communication classes were included in the syllabus. In addition, we prepare the candidates for interviews by training them in Aptitude, Group Discussion, and Personality Development etc. Perhaps, we go by the saying “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, therefore we see to that candidates are imparted knowledge on the ************ by expert trainers. (Trainers of Cegonsoft are given periodical training by involving them in the projects that we carry out.) We make sure that we give our candidates a clear picture of where they are heading towards. This is not all, the syllabus here is updated every three months so as to keep our candidates equipped enough to meet the current trends.

Any candidate (be it a job seeker or a student) that comes to Cegonsoft is given a free Career counseling by our expert counselors. We understand the requirement, analyze the need and study the capability of our candidate to be able to suggest the platform that best suits him/her. Further, we conduct periodical presentations in Colleges & Corporates to through lime light on the growth, scope and trends of IT industry; this would enable them to opt the right technology.

"Cling to us & Climb with us. We commit to make you an IT savvy, not just software professional"
Software Development (CEGON - i3IT People) Top
i3ITPeople is our Software Development team in CEGONSOFT. I3IT People evolved into a competent unit by acquiring expertise and exhibiting dynamics in an extremely short span of time. We believe in quality achieved in a timely manner, therefore projects are given due importance so as to be completed in the given timeframe. According to us, an order or deal is not just a transaction, more than business it is the initiation of a long-term relationship. i3ITPeople possesses proficiency in the domains of Software Development, Multimedia, Banking, Web Design, Engineering Services, e-commerce & Automation. I3IT People is a complete package of highly motivated team fashioned with an urge to innovate and compelling desire to excel.

"If a project is worth doing, it is worth doing it well and it is worth doing it in time"
HR Consultancy Top
CEGONSOFT consists of a sensible and prudent team of HR specialists that forge rapport, co-ordinate the requirements and foster long-term relationship with the clients to be able to understand the requirements and expectations, organization structure, culture and the role linkages and focus on providing recruitment services across all levels. As mentioned earlier, we researched on the expectations of our IT clients and candidates who match the requirements are given a plethora of opportunities with top-notch clients of ours. CEGONSOFT’s automated web-enabled database, recruitment software and our unique lead-time reduction strategies facilitate the team to perpetrate recruitments based on the client’s requirements, be it for
Senior management
Middle management
Mass recruitment at entry level
Our major sectors of concern are
Information Technology
IT Enabled Services- BPO and Call centre Industries.

For queries,pls contact saravanarajs@cegonsoft.org