CEAC data scraping help needed.


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The CEAC data is now available at the CEAC site. The government pulled a last minute tweak to try and stop their servers being overwhelmed by "bots" and malicious activity, but Xarthisius rapidly implemented a change to our scraping process to get us back in business. All the scraping is performed from each individuals computer now, and the script simply gathers the data from the CEAC system as our humans provide the captcha solving effort. The data is in the public domain, so there is nothing wrong in what we are doing in gathering this information. We have been working on this for a couple of days now and we already have all of AF region. More help is needed - many hands make light work. If you would like to help and know more - please check here.

I just published a sneak peek into the AF DV2019 data and I can see they have implemented some new technique to disqualify cases before the announcement of selectees. You can read more about that in my latest article here.

Once he has all the regions, Xarthisius will make all the data available in chart form and to download. Many thanks to Xarthisius for his brilliant work.