Case Transferred to National Records Center...


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A Little background on my case:

PD May 23, 2006 - EB2 - India. Filed I-485 8/13/2007.

Had an interview in Oct. 2009 and since then no update in my case.

I waited last month, My PD became currenty for May 2011, had an INFOPASS on 5/27, the IO Said, by mistake, my file was transferred to another office, she didn't mention which office, on 6/7 I called USCIS and put a Service Request since it was more than 180 days my case was pending.

Today, I got a letter by mail saying that: "The status of this Service Request is:

We are unable to give you information at this time because your file is currently located in National Records Center. You will be notified by mail upon its arrival."

I contacted the lawyer who filed my I-485, he is not much interested since he got his money and asking me to do INFOPASS and so on and so forth which I already did and emailed him to follow up with USCIS Office, to which he is not responding.

Is there anything that can be done and why would it transfer to National Records Center ?

Is anybody in same boat and also please if anybody has any idea, please reply.

Thank you,