Career Opportunity in Forensic science

Nowadays career as a Forensic Scientist is a very respectable jobs with high earning opportunity. Forensic scientist collects the evidence and work with investigation of crime scene to solve the various types of cases. Forensic scientists either works in laboratory or work at crime site so that evidence can be collected. They can go in court as a expert witnesses. If you want to make your career in forensic science then you should have Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degrees in forensic science programs. You can do these programs through campus or online programs. You can search many universities and colleges on internet which offer many courses in forensic science, for example: . Mainly math, chemistry, biology, physics, statistics etc. subjects are studied in forensic science programs. Salaries are lucrative with median annual earnings at $47,680 in 2007 as per BLS.
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thanx to all those stupid shows such as csi miami and god knows what other city lot of people jumped on that band wagon and started to study"forensic science"....usual educational mambo jambo americana which gives you diploma for a job which does not even exists !!
to be a "forensic expert" you need BA minimum in some really serious science fields such as chemistry or even to be a MD -pathologist at least !! going to some 2 year school and learning how to handle a camera and take pictures of fingerprint is not gonna cut it ...!!
I know some people who did just that .;went down for about 25000 dollars in debt only to be told that they can be a cleaners in the crime lab ..yes ..they qualify as a cleaners ..I mean at one place very junior crime scene investigator had a BA in BIOLOGY/CHEMISTRY ..and working on MR !!...with 7 years experience from "civil" lab!!! my friend got back home and started to eat his diploma of "forensic expert ":eek: