Car Insurance...Help!!!


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For Vault and all Gurus,

I just moved to Canada like a week ago. I bought a car yesterday but I am unable to buy insurance for my car. I don't know .........but I called like 20 different brokers and no one is willing to sell me any insurance. I'm so frustrated right now. In US things were different , I never faced such a problem there, I had insurance fr 4 consecutive years. Could anyone of u guys let me know of any good, dependable insurance company??????????
And yes...I do have an absolutely clean record, still some of these guys who are willing to sell me insurance are asking for too much $550 per month!!!!

Please help...
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I tried statefarm too....they said they are not selling any auto insurance right now.strange!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know any broker in Toronto area?


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Thanks a lot for your help Vault
But I guess It didn't work either, they gave me quote which RBC gave me too.I don't know what I'm gonna do now.
Just do let me know if you know of anyone else.


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I have insurance thru Statefarm CANADA. However I had a US DL for 13 years and CA DL for the past 2years. I am not sure if one needs to have a DL and insurance for 5 years before they can get an insurance for a decent rate.

I will let you know if i find something. Also how did you purchase the car without insurance?


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Try this guy.

The broker is Thames insurance and the name is Huntly Balraj Sidhu. Very honest and straightforward guy, helped me get car insurance using my US driving record.

His office number is 1-800-367-7045 - ask for "Huntley".

Insurance may not be cheap though. I am paying about $100 a month.

Good luck.


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C$100 a month is an excellent rate. I am paying $145/month :(. Once my policy expires, I will probably give Huntley a call.


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You can try personal insurance. Their number is 1866-688-5888 or
888-277-6481 and get a decent quote. They will ask for the proof from DMV in US and Exp letters from your insurance company too.
Hope this helps.


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I paid in full for my car.that's why I managed to buy car without insurance. Yes , right now I'm trying thru personal insurance only, and they asked me to get my driving record from US.
Let's see if it helps.
Thanks a lot guys.
I can give nice insurance company where they can solve any your problem in a fast way. I am using several years and they never dissapointed me so I hope I will help you too with this.