Capital for eb5 visa

Hi everyone
I hav agricultural land on my name. Want to aply for eb5 visa investing half million. Do i hav to sell the property and show liquid money in bank account to start the process of application? Can i show just the documents needed before approving conditional greencard?
If my visa got rejected how can i get my money back. Plz let me knw as i have to take the decision of applying for eb5 based on this...
Unfortunately, having land would not be enough, you would need a business that actually hires people. If you see my past responses, you will see that I have a eb5 business ready to sell ( I am the owner), its a gas station with property. Let me know if you are still interested.

hi Sujan, i am interested please suggest if you still have
Hi Pratap, yes I still have it if you are interested. The property is a TEA certified Eb5 property with a gas station, a food concept inside the station(currently serving bbq) and is located right next to a major highway. It is located near Orlando, Fl.
Please let me know.
Hi Sindhu, Im not sure why this info came up on top, but yes, you can sell your land and use the half million to invest in a project. The project will automatically employ 10 people, you dont have to worry about it. if you want to invest, now is the right time, they are planning to increase the cost to $1 Million. let me know if you need further assistance xxxxxxxxxxx
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Hi, are you only interested in an individual business or OK with investing in Marriott hotels? I have one in New York, let me know. xxxxxxxxxxx
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