Can't set an interview date in Ottawa, Canada


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My son has been hospitalized in the US and he has no family there; he's about to go through surgery. I'm his mother and I really would like to be there for him. I have already obtained a Canadian Travel Document and have completed the DS-160 form for the US Visa; from there, I have set up an account for the Official U.S. Department of State Visa Appointment Service in Canada, paid the fees for the visa application, only to be shown that there are no appointments at all for the Ottawa Visa Offices.

My initial plan was to set the earliest date, no matter how late it would be, and then request for an expedited interview as my situation does fit one of the requirements of accompanying and taking care of a person who is ill; however, I can't do that if there are no interview dates at all for Ottawa. Moreover, it seems that I cannot set an interview elsewhere as I set in my DS-160 that I am applying in Ottawa.

I am planning on calling the visa office tomorrow, and I am hoping to see if anyone else has any ideas of how to move forward with this as it is a very critical and time sensitive issue.