Canadian PR without PR Card applied for Visitor Visa to US


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Please I need your advice...
I applied US Visitor visa for my wife and she is scheduled for interview next week. I am currently working in the US on TN1 Visa as a Canadian Citizen. I want my wife to be visiting me in the US once in a while. The only problem is the PR Card is not ready yet. Can she used her COPR at the interview instead of the PR Card. I noticed that the new COPR is just an ordinary paper with some barcodes and signature of a CIC officer.
I have included a lot of supporting documents from my end .
Like my current I94 Card, my bank account both US and Canada which was jointly owned by both of us. Children School results. Also, she had 1 old US Visa and one H4 Visa which is currently valid for another 2 years.
Please guide me as to what other documents you presented to the US embassy regarding your interview. I hope the information you provided will be of help.