Canadian PR after overstaying US visa

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by KB1, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. KB1

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    I live in Canada having open work permit status. I am planning to apply for PR but apparently my past might affect me. I overstayed my visa for less than 6 moths in US and left the country ON MY OWN. After I got a student visa in Canada and then open work permit for 3 years. Now i am looking through the applications I need to fill out for PR in Canada. And there are questions if i overstayed any visas or being rejected in visas in ANY OTHER countries. I don't know what I should reply: should I omit the fact that I have ever been in the states or I should tell the truth? If i tell the truth will it affect my application for PR in Canada? If i omit the fact that I was in the states will Canadian officer be able to find out that i overstayed my visa in America?
    I know that many people who overstayed their status in the states somehow got their PR and citizenship in Canada. Please advise. Your feedback is much appreciated!
    Thank you!
  2. Triple Citizen

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    Do not omit a fact. As simple as that!!!
  3. KB1

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    Thank you for the reply. But have you ever been in this situation or any of your relatives/friends?
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    i've same suitation but this question i find this application when i would apply for study permit and now i live in morocco and i overstay in us for year and now i find college in canada so should apply for visa and i dont know what i can answer this question said yes or lie and said no because i dont have any stamp from us

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