Canadian Entrepreneurial category closed July 2011. provincial still open ?


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From what I understand the federal Entrepreneurial category for immigrants is closed as of July1st 2011. However some provinces such as Manitoba, Saskatchewan have their own sets of immigration guidelines for entrepreneurs willing to establish businesses in their province.

Provided that these provinces are willing to consider our application, will the Canadian government still process it keeping in mind that the Federal category for Entrepreneurs is closed ?

I am also not able to find as to what is considered a "business investment" most provinces require between CAD 150,000 - CAD 400,000. Can this include purchase of property and/or total rent paid over X period while maintaining the business ?

Lastly, Should a province have a requirement of CAD 400,000 as an small business investment and lets say the said business generates a requirement of only CAD 350,000 can the difference of CAD 50,000 be deposited with the Provincial government in order to satisfy the CAD 400,000 minimum ?