Canadian Citizen Wants to Marry In Texas?


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I am a canadian citizen who is engaged to an american citizen living in Texas. Now before we do our immigration papers, we need to be married (He's coming to Canada). We would like to be married in Texas.

So, basically, am I allowed to get married in Texas? If so, what do I need? Will they allow my canadian passport? Will it also be recognized in Canada for our immigration process.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Janie007

My husband is from Oklahoma and I am Canadian....we were married in Oklahoma, we went to the City office with our birth certificates, passports, some cash and got a marriage license, after our ceremony we drove up to Canada, he got a temporary visitor visa at the border and then we started his immigrant paperwork. It was no problem having a United States marriage certificate. Our paperwork went smoothly and they never questioned. Hope that helps! All the best, it can be a trying process but ALL worth it in the end!!!! Take care! Blessings! If you have any more questions feel free to ask!!