Canada PR - Proof of funds


I have received my ITA and am gathering the necessary documents to complete my application.

I understand we need to provide 6 months bank details as part of our proof of fund. I had lent a sum of about 7,700 CAD (Equivalent in INR) to my dad for a family emergency from one of my bank accounts (Let's say bank account A) and later in March he returned that with an additional 4,000 CAD (to a different bank account of mine, let's say bank account B) to meet my minimum funds needed for the PR application. Given that now all my funds are in my bank 'B' which has a huge balance fluctuation in March, how do I go ahead with this?

Should I show my Bank account details (Bank account A) from which I transferred the money to my dad and also all his bank transactions and then show the difference as a gift deed? My dad transferred the amounts from 3 different bank accounts of his to my bank account B in March.

Though there is a lot of flow of money across various accounts (held by my dad and me) all the transactions were legitimate and within the family. How do I document this?

Thank you in advance!