Can this user be banned?


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I got a few reported posts on the I485 family forum about the user "Mean Streak" being disruptive. I went ahead and deleted the posts but I think this user needs a timeout! any chance I can ban this screen name or would Monica have to do that?

Let me know


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Ok here is more info

this is the thread.. can someone delete it?

Mean Streak
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It's obvious that you IQ is less than the square root* of my dog's IQ, but make an effort and try to understand what I'm saying here.

I've never said that you called me bitch, but saying that I'm bitching is insulting and I won't tolerate that, I know that you heard that at home when people were addressing to that bitch who raised you, but don't try to bring you shit attitude here in this public forum.

My post #22, the one you're reffering to, was addressed to the other illegal moron, "Bella Blues" not to you, stupid

Unbelievable, but I still consider my answer, a friendly answer, and since you don't have any business in this forum, get lost before it gets ugly.

Talk about one stupid bitch on this board. You are the biggest hypocrite here telling people not to bring "attitude" when you are the only one who has an "attitude" and a stinking one at that.

You are the only moron here for choosing a country over your own flesh and blood. That is the most stupid and inhuman thing I have ever heard of. Your son hates you and he rightfully does because you chose to leave him when he needs you the most. You are full of hate because you hate yourself! You left your child??? What a skank!!!

and another user :

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amen, but well kinda sad. go easy on her.