Can spouse apply for H4 with new I 797(H1 B extension approved but not stamped) ?


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I am currently on my H1 B, this expires on 1st April, 2019

My employer has already filled for my extension and we received an approval for the extension starting
2nd April 2019 to 2022

1. My spouse is filling H4 for the first time , should he use my new approved I797 or the old one ?
2. If he can use the new one, will he only be allowed to enter US after 1st april or can he come now, since i am on h1


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Since your H-1b is already approved beyond 1st April 2019 try to schedule H4 interview & indicate US Consulate that your wife's H-1B is already until 2022. I believe they should be able to issue H-4 visa until 2022.