Can I work in a US Gove org now that I have my GC?


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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if I am allowed to work in a government organisation now that I have my GC or do I have to limit myself to applying only to private companies?

Your help is much appreciated.


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Many jobs with the federal goverment will say 'for US citizens only, non-citizens authorized to work may be hired if the director of xyz certifies that the skills of the non-citizen are required for the position' or something of that nature.

No crime in applying for a job. I wouldn't bank on succeeding, unless you really have something that uniquely qualifies you for a particular position.


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Only those jobs that require a security clearance will have a "US citizen only" requirement since only US citizens can get a security clearance. All other jobs (with some exceptions like civil service jobs) are open to green card holders.
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Just be careful when filling out the application , never check the USC box, even just to try to get an interview. It will make you so you can never get a citizenship ( false claim to USC charge )