Can I use and both passports while going to Pakistan?


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I am a dual national and wants to visit Pakistan in July, my US passport is valid but expiring in Oct 2021, now I have 2 questions.
1. Can I travel to Pakistan on my US passport even though it does not have 6 months validity on it but I have a valid NICOP to enter into Pakistan.
2.I also have a valid Pakistan passport so in order to avoid any hassel at the US airport can I travel on my Pakistan passport for the flight from US to Pakistan and come back to US on my US passport in Aug 2021 which will be valid til Oct 2021.


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I don’t know what a NICOP is or what Pakistani entry requirements are but in general: Usually if one has two passports, and if the home country has similar requirements to the US to use their passport (many but not all do) - one would leave US on US passport, enter home country on home country passport; then leave home country using home country passport and enter US with US passport. My understanding is that in a case like OP you “officially” leave on your US passport (as you all know there is no US CBP exit post where they check passports) but can show the Pakistani passport to the agent for boarding to show you will have permission to enter the country. Similarly you show your US passport to the boarding agent on the way back to show you don’t need a visa/ESTA.


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NICOP stands for "National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis". It is a card that serves as proof of Pakistani citizenship, and held by Pakistanis resident outside of Pakistan, not only for dual nationals (someone may work overseas, or be on a long term student visa, they could get a NICOP). Dual (or more) nationals can also get a NICOP.

The card says "the holder is entitled to visa free entry into Pakistan". While the OP can indeed do the two passport method that you mentioned, the NICOP was designed to avoid the issues that arise with traveling with two passports (what passport to reserve the ticket under, etc)