can i sponsor my brother for GC and can he still apply for H1-B?


I am a USC and wanted to sponsor my brother in India for a GC under the family quota. He is older than 21 and single.

Once the GC processing starts, can he still apply for H1-B through his employer - since the backlog for this catergory of GC is > 10 years (currently 1997).



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I am thinking of sponsoring my Sister and I would like to know the basics. What form to apply. Basically how to begin the process. How much is the fee? By reading thru the forums, I believe i need to apply I-130. Should i apply I-130 for my sister which would cover her husband and child (or) one I-130 for each of her family member? How does it work?

I am USC. My sister lives in India. She is married with one child. I would like to sponsor her family (my sister, her husband and her child). Please give me a starting point. I see a lot of spouse and parent sponsorship but not siblings sponsorship...