Can I go to the USA on L1A and transfer to H1b after few months.

Hello Rajiv sir,

Thanks for your time,

I am looking for suggestion , can you please help on this,

Currently, I’m in India, Company A filed H1B in 2022 CAP, and my current Indian Company B Applied L1A visa. Both L1A and H1B petitions are approved recently.


1) Can I stamp both H1b and L1A petitions separately while I am in India.

for example: If I stamped H1b first and then later Can I stamp L1A as well.

2) Can I enter to USA by using L1A visa.

3) After some months, Can I apply change of status from L1A to H1B.

Ideally I am trying to travel USA by using L1A visa and later I can apply change of status from L1A to H1B. is it possible.
I want to be in safe side. That's why I am looking for your guidance on this.