can i get canada visit visa for rentry to usa rather than going my home country


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Hello All,

I am international student in USA, i graduated last month from xx university and my i20 expired. Right now i am in 60 day grace period which is given by US Immigration authorities, i want to continue my education so i got a new i20 with new sevis number and for this i need to go out of USA and come back(Re entry). For this reason i am planning to go to canada and come back and also stay there for few weeks with my friend.

Now with my new i20, is it possible to get the canada visit visa. I am planning to go to New York canadian consolate.
The documents i have
1. New i20 with new sevis and (Old i20 with old sevis exp one month back)
2. Valid USA Visa expiring in 2014
3. I-94 with old sevis number of old i20
4. Proof of Funds and all.

Please give your suggestion whether i can get visa or not.
If not i have to get Mexico visa or have to go home country to make a rentry to USA.