Can I apply for H4-EAD while working on TN which expires in July 2020


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Any help is much appreciated.
I am a Canadian citizen working on TN visa which expires in July 2020. due to high risk of extension with same employer, I am trying to evaluate my options.
Can i apply now for H4 EAD on my husband's H1B visa with approved i-140?

If yes, will it effect my current job?
Also, how long will it take to receive H4-EAD ?
You can only hold one status at a time.
If you are currently on TN, I understand you must switch to H-4 in order to apply for H-4 EAD. Once on H-4, you can no longer work on TN job.
Wait time for H-4 EAD is roughly four to six months, per USCIS website.
Also note future of H-4 EAD is uncertain. It may be removed at some point in the future.