Can H1 & H4 travel india with previous employer valid visa stamping and new employer I797


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Hi Sir,

This is Chandra, i am currently staying on H1B visa. Me & my wife, Kid did visa stamping in India in Dec,2019 With Company A and got Visa until March,2022.

In 2020 i moved to Company B, my H1B visa was transfered and approved until April, 2022. My Wife and Kid both did not transfered their H4 to new company and continuing with same valid H4 (March, 2022)

We have planning to go India trip next month, so do we need to have Visa stamping with New company (B), or shall we travel with the Company A Visa stamping and new employer I797.

Can my wife/kid accompany my journey as they have H4 with Company A, and don't have any documentation with company B.

Please suggest, Thanks for your help.