Can employer revoke I-140 after Approval after 180 days and 485 Pending, "Yes right".


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PD: 03/2003
I-140 Approved long time back,
485 case pending in EB3

Planning to quit my job, what's the worst employer could do. PLEASE HELP!!!

Let's say my employer can revoke my I-140 right away after i quit, 2 things can happen.
1. USCIS can send REF/Audit to our company attorney or
2. USCIS can deny my 485 without doing step1 just because I-140 is revoked.

In either case #1 or #2.
a) I need to change my attorney right away (using G28 form) because RFE usually go to Attorney or employer??
b) I need to have a job right away, just to show USCIS that i have a job and i should be able to fight for old I-140 & pending 485 (EB3) with new attorney.

Hopefully things will fall in place then and later i can file my GC again in EB2 and use I-140 along with Priority dates correct??? or asking for too much )