Can anyone predict the visa number availability EB3 ROW for September 2010 ?


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I believe that Sep 2010 would be the last month of this year's fiscal year, right? Any possibilities that some visa numbers may spill downward from EB2? Does anyone have any knowledge how "spilling" works?



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me too is searching like all of you, i even don't know when they will put it at there site, i heard at about 10 th of this August , is it right?
good luck for all of us


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Cut off dates are established on the 8th of each month, so the bulletin should become available on the 11th or 12th at the very latest. (as is the case every month).

There are 150,657 EB visa numbers available for this fiscal year. Since EB 1 and 2 are current for ROW, it means that unused visa numbers for these categroies will spill downward towards EB 3.

Anything over 10,000 will spill downward one more towards OTHER WORKERS every month.

This is my speculation based off what I have read from the Operation of the Numerical Control Process link on visa bulletin page. (see link below) I could be wrong. Can someone please clarify if my understanding is accurate? Visa Control System_operation of.pdf
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so speaking of your talking either today or tmw we would hear sep VB 2010?!!
really lets keep fingers crossed and pray
wish the best for all and great news be heard


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I am current!! Now what??

My PD finally became current (PD March 20, 2003 - Other Workers). Filled I-140 and I-485in December 2003. Haven't received any noticed about transfer to local office. So guys, what should I do? Does it mean there won't be an interview? If I don't get anything by next Visa Bulletin and the PD retrogresses or become unavailable, does it mean I will have to wait again? I am very confused! Don't know how it works. My lawyer told me to wait. Please help?????
Thank you all


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I think your lawyer is probably right. Just wait. Since you are current, your 485 will be processed. I don't know if everyone is asked for an interview. I think this is a case-by-case basis. Hopefully your 485 will be processed before any retrogression takes place.