Can any one help answer this?


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I am very curious to find out why only some people are getting RFE, even when all of them have stayed with the original sponsoring company all along. Does the company history matter?

Does it matter if one is working for an MNC (multinational company) or a big American Desi company or a small american/desi body shop or if one has personal lawyer?

I have got an RFE even though there could not be a more straight forward case than mine. No change in employer, always employed, always on H1B & within 6 years.

My Company is one of the few big desi companies based in MI. Company has history of being blacklisted sometime in the past (bet'94-'97) though I dont know for what exactly.

All I know is I am suffering unduly... My PD is end 2000...RD/ND is Jul 2002 and still waiting approval.. got RFE in 1st week of Aug 2004 instead of approval :( :(
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Hi sgshrkd,

Usually there is no pattern to why RFE's are sent. Since you filed in 2002, they just want to make sure that you are still currently employed and with whome ? RFE could also be for missing documents like Birth Cerificate etc., since it is only when they are ready to adjudicate a case that they look closely for each and every document.

Do not worry, RFE's are not always bad news, because this suggests that they are working on your case. You should be happy my friend as your case is out of the dust and in the hads of an adjudicating officer awaiting a desicion ! If your case is a simple one and you can reply successfully to the RFE, you can hope to be approved pretty soon.

BTW, can you shar the details of your RFE ?


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Hi , you should be happy at least your case is touched by INS. My ND is also july 6 2002, but did not hear anything.. did FP2 on July 31 2004 and message changed as on august 6 2004. Did not hear anything after that. This is a really frustrating process.


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sertra/nebraska - Thanks for replying.

I do not know my RFE details as yet. My company lawyer is more inaccessible than even the President of America. I have not yet been able to talk to her about this RFE details. The last I spoker to her she told me she had not recd anything and that she will get in touch after she recvs it. She however told me that the RFE could possibly be one of 2 things - EVL or proof of status. I hope she is right and that it has nothing to do with my BC or other such docs that might cause me more headache. I will update when I have more info.



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sgshrkd said:
........All I know is I am suffering unduly... My PD is end 2000...RD/ND is Jul 2002 and still waiting approval.. got RFE in 1st week of Aug 2004 instead of approval :( :(

Cheer up man! I was also pretty much in your same sitaution - no job change, no location change, no address changes, always employed, RD/ND Nov. 2001, just got approved on 10 Aug. 2004, i.e 997 days after RD of I-485.

I made an educated guess about the company you are referring to, and I personally don't think it has anything to do with the company.