Can an employee optain I -129 petition documents from previous employee


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I have 1 question regarding my I 129 petition.
I am working for an employer A and they have filed my visa extension, which got approve last weak(from march 6th 2020 till July 28th 2022) and it is there with the company's immigration team. I have also received an employment offer letter from from employer B, who has filed my extension/visa transfer, which got approved (from March 6th 2020 till July 27th 2022). Now I want to resign at employer A and join employer B. I have not received the petition copy from employer A yet and they are taking time in the process. In general I do not need petition from employer A because I already have visa validity starting from same date. But for the sake of my satisfaction and for future documentation I want have this petition from employer A. Can I obtain it from employer A after I leave employer A legally? If yes, how?

Please suggest what should I do, wait for petition copy to reach at my address or Join employer B and later ask for documents from employer A?