Can a person on F2 visa travel outside and re-enter the us with domestic violence charges dismissed?


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Hi, Actually my wife got arrested for domestic violence as her fingernails marks were on my hands. She drank alcohol for the first time and was arguing with me loudly with along with grabbing my hands. Someone called the police and she got arrested as my english was not good that time and couldn’t explain the situation to the police. The incident was back on 2019. We explained the situation to her defence lawer and prosecutor dismissed the case after 5 counseling classes. Now we are planning to visit our country( i am in F1 visa and my wife is in F2 visa). Can she reenter the U.S. or will there be any touble at the port of entry. We haven’t seen our parents since 2019 and scared to move out of the U.S and we cannot afford an immigration lawyer. Can anyone of you please help us with this situation?