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Can a L2 visa holder without L1 visa holder

Discussion in 'From Rajiv's Blog - L Visa Related Info' started by Vardhanapu22, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. Vardhanapu22

    Vardhanapu22 New Member


    I'm Neelima.
    I moved to USA in Nov-2013 and applied for my EAD and got in March-2014 and is valid upto March-2016.
    Presently I am actively looking for jobs.
    But my husband who is in L1-visa is moving to india and will return in 4 months.
    In his absence can i stay here and work on L2-EAD.
    If i would stay without him and apply for H1-visa next attempt, will it effect in future.

    If at all I go to India and return back in 4 months will my EAD be valid since the date in it mentioned valid "upto March-2016", or do I need to apply newly.

    Appreciated your Help.

    Thank & Regards
    Neelima Vardhanapu
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2014

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