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Can a Dental Office sponsor for a B.S Dental Hygiene?

Discussion in 'Texas Service Center - H-Visa Issues' started by man9999, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. man9999

    man9999 New Member

    Dear Texas Service Center - H-Visa Issues,

    I am international student, and my major is Dental Hygiene. I almost finish my 4 years program to get the B.S of Dental Hygiene. I know a dental office that willing to sponsor H1B Visa for me.

    I have some questions:

    1. Does it matter how big of the dental office should be to sponsor a international employee?
    2. Is it competitive to get H1B visa for a B.S Dental Hygiene, and what is the chance?
    3. I will finish my program on December,2011, so when should I apply for the H1B and how?

    Thanks for your help
  2. jimjig

    jimjig New Member

    h1b sponsor

    hello dear

    I just passed from dental hygiene school and looking for h1b sponsored. if you don't mine can u please tell me the name of doctors or companies who are ready to do this. you can email me jcgurjar@yahoo.com.
  3. renyjeny

    renyjeny New Member

    jobs for dental hygienist with associate degree

    I am a foreign dentist from India and now planning to take an associate degree in dental hygiene. Is there any problem for a getting job and H1B with this associate degree.?Moreover can a dentist sponsor an H1B visa for me.
    Thanks and regards,

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