can a canadian permanent resident come to the US ??

julio kayt

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do I need a visa for the US if I have Canadian PR
when I am crossing the border back to Canada how can they find out how long I have stayed in the US
Please someone help
thank you

David Cohen

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Canadian permanent residents with citizneship in a Commonwealth Country do not require a passport visa to appear at a US port of entry (POE). At the POE, an immigration official will determine admissibility and the duration of such.

As you will require your passport and landing documents at the POE, a stampcan be used to determine the duration of the stay.
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julio kayt

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Appreciate your answer.
I am holding a Bulgarian passport,and have immigrant visa for Canada
do you think I will have problem coming back to the US after I land in Canada
the reason that I want to come back here is to sell my house, in case I can\'t sell it before moving to Canada

thank you for your time,
is it OK to contact you for more immigration questions regarding Canada?

valsa peter

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In reply to the question regarding reentry to the USA with Canadian PR, pls. let me know what is meant by "admissability at the POE"? thanks