C++\PHP Staff Engineer with 7+ years experience


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I am looking for opportunities in the United States. California, New York and Honolulu are my 1st choices.

Please see short description about myself:

I work in Trend Micro for 7+ years and I am a staff engineer now. If you are willing to sponsor my working visa, please send me an message in LinkedIn for updated resume.
My LinkedIn account: kaichih

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Thank you.

Experience & Skills
1. I've working in Trend Micro as senior software engineer and project lead for 7+ years.
2. I work for large enterprise scaled antivirus software products under Microsoft Windows platforms in Trend Micro. (both in development cycle, and troubleshooting/sustain role in many versions/releases)
3. C++/Visual C++(Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio 2005)/PHP programming, HTML, CSS, Java, and JavaScript.
4. Multi-thread programming, Windows development, Windbg debugging, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and software design.
5. I published researches/thesis about machine learning / information retrieval on IEEE journal and IEEE BIBE and listed on PubMed.
6. Cisco CCNA certificate.
7. Master degree in computer science and information engineering.
8. I got 2009 Most Valuable Trender Award and many other awards from Trend Micro.
9. I love learning new skills. Recently, I attended Linux Kernel Architecture and Programming in UCSC extension last Oct, and I am attending 3 courses in Stanford recently.
10. I always have innovative ideas. I submitted a patent that passed Trend's committee and it was sent to United States Patent and Trademark Office.
11. Excellent in Mandarin Chinese and English. Beginner in French and Japanese.

1. Trend Micro - 2009 Most Valuable Trender Award for Innovation in Asia Pacific.
2. Trend Micro - Enterprise Group Self-Direct Team Award.
3. Trend Micro - Taiwan Site Employee of the Quarter Awards.
4. Trend Micro - Enterprise Group Employee of the Quarter Awards.
5. Trend Micro - Enterprise Group Employee of the Month Awards.
6. Trend Micro - Enterprise Group Make It Better Program Awards.
7. 7th placer, Trend Micro 2005 global VoIP Anti-spam solution contest.

I am eager to learn everything new. Therefore, I usually join some events in the Bay Area. For example, I joined Silicon Valley Code Camp in Foothill college, Android meetup events, sessions in Churchill club, and others. I also took Linux Architecture and programming course in University of Santa Cruz Extension last Oct. Recently, I also attended 3 courses in Stanford University. I paid these by myself. These courses include leadership and decision making, negotiation skills, and others. I am also developing my own projects after work, because I am really enthusiastic about software development.