by not giving anything in writing, is an appeal possible?


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Hi All, I have been flying back and forth under the VISA Waiver Program since late 2001 (when I bought a house in CA). 6/03 the situation was investigated and I was able to enter and assured that I would not have problems like that in the future. 1/04 I was sent back to Germany and told to consider myself lucky that I wasn't jailed. ** 2/04 my VISA application was rejected. But only v e r b a l l y. IMHO, it would be helpful to get the REASONS in writing. After all, this is costing me a 6-digit amount and the I miss the tortured cat I rescued.

Visitors are Guests and they can be denied entry at will. It would help me to be able to return and sell my business and the vehicles etc. Q: is there no appeal? Like "posting a bond"? (It is hard to i) collect rent, ii) sell vehicles & stuff and iii) organize one's personal belongings to be shipped while being 6k miles away. Thank you! Chris


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You actually bought homE in the usa ????? question ..are you nuts ???..only crazy people do things like that ..nobody buys houses in the country they don't live ..this is not europe /eu