Bringing a parent to the USA while on a TN visa?

Me and my mother are both Canadian citizens. I got a job offer in the USA just recently (TN visa) and i'm considering moving there. From my understanding, Canadian citizens are only allowed 6 months in the USA. And you are only allowed to bring dependents while on a TN visa (parents are not dependents). Is there any way I can bring my mother to live with me for the period of time i'm working there (a couple of years)? Is there any way we can extend the 6 month period she is allowed in the USA and what are the chances of getting such a request approved?


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There’s basically no way to bring your mom over and have her live with you in the US while you’re on a TN, none. She cannot live in the US on a visitor’s visa, she can visit for the duration of time allowed following which she has to depart from the US.
Agreed. She can spend 6 months of the year visiting you, but she must maintain a permanent residence in Canada.
Visit the Canadian Snowbird Association website.
They have lots of info on Canadian Citizen retirees spending six months in Canada and six months in the USA. Lots of fine details to be aware of....


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There are old state department memos which allow some non-child, non-spouse "dependents" to get a B1 visa for the duration of the workers TN or H1 status. But since you say she is not dependent may not be worth pursuing.