Bizarre incident at the oath ceremony


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I was scheduled for an Oath ceremony at the Irving, TX center ( Judicial ceremony due to a name change). I came in early and successfully completed the check in and the rest of the paperwork and was seated for the Judge to arrive. Just before the ceremony started, an officer called my name and walked me out of the courtroom in front of some 300 people and told me that there has been some issues with my name change request and they will need to reschedule the ceremony for some other time. He declined to offer any additional insights on the next steps. It was such a humiliating experience that was carried out in a disrespectful fashion.

Wondering if anyone else knew of or had experienced a similar situation during their citizenship journey. If yes, what would be the next steps, how long does it take to reschedule esp, this appears to be a mistake from the local service center.


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Were you asked to walk out of the courtroom and subsequently told of the issue in private?

I can't recall reading about anything like this.