big mistake dropping middle name, what to do now?


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I made a big mistake dropping my middle name from my passport a few years ago, now read on another board that there will be a lot of problems down the road when going through the GC process.

Those who had gone from TN to GC, did you have to provide your birth certificate at any given point?

Right now I have this inconsistency among my documents:

my birth certificate has my middle name
my US social security card has my middle name

my passport does NOT have my middle name
my TN visa does NOT have my middle name

Question: Should I continue to go forward without my middle name or do I get a new passport adding my middle name back and then wait for the TN officier or USCIS to question me why the inconsistency?

Any ideas?


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This is not a problem. And yes, at some point you will need to provide your full sized birth certificate, which lists your parents.


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Thanks Nelson and TRC, good to know I am not the only one.

My TN expires Apr 2012. I plan to renew for another 3 year by mail and eventually go through the PERM/GC process.

Any suggestions what I should do in order to avoid problems down the road with respect to me dropping my middle name from my passport and TN?

Scenario 1:

Continue all the way (TN renewal, PERM/GC process etc) without my middle name until someone raises a question.

pros - less hassle and I do prefer not to use my middle name anyway.

cons - I might be digging myself one big gigantic mess down the road with my PERM/GC application if the officer handling my paperwork is very strict.

scenario 2:

Get a new passport adding back my middle name now. When it is time to renew my TN by mail, add back my middle name on the TN application form, and hopefully nobody asks about the inconsistency between my original TN application (without my middle name) and the new TN renewal application (with middle name).

pros: problem solved once and for all if the TN officer reviewing my renewal paperwork does not challenge the inconsistency.

cons: there is a risk that the TN officer may raise a question about the inconsistency between the original TN and the renewal application, and that may affect my TN renewal.

Scenario 3:

Get a new passport adding back my middle name now. Wait for my existing TN to expire. Go back to Canada. Start from scratch with the whole TN application again at the border with employer docment showing my middle name and the new passport that has my middle name.

pros: problem solved once and for all. Starting with new TN and new passport that has my middle name. Every matches going forward.

cons: high risk, anything can happen at the border.

I hope I am just stressing over something very minor. But I read an article posted on another board (not sure if I am allowed to mention the name) about the seriousness of problem, and that's why I am getting worried all of a sudden.

Anyway, thanks everyone for the support.

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Stanley Hermosillo

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The middle name, or absence thereof, should not be a huge issue. If it were the case that you had a DIFFERENT middle name on some form of ID, and there was conflicting names, that would be a different issue. But since your middle name is just dropped, should not be problem.