Beware of who has access to your passport!!

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    Beware of who has access of your passport to the point where they can copy, modify and use illegally!

    Here is an excellent copy of forgery! Remember, on the line at the bottom is supposed to have your passport#, dob, sex, date of expiry, etc.

    Well here you will notice that the dob at the top clearly says 5th October, 1980 but in the line at the bottom it says 19th May 1963! The sex is also female at the top and male at the bottom!
    Notice how the photo was also pasted there? There are other discrepancies also!

    This was sent to me by someone who claims to be Ms. Nora Fernandez and who is trying to get me to give her my information!

    So Be Careful of who has access to your passport!
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    hey: i am trying to upload the image but i am not getting through - can someone tell me how to do it!
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    point taken

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