Best way for parent to come to Oz?


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I've scoured and looked over ways to get my 71 year old mother to Australia to live with me.

I can get her here on an aged parent visa, or I can get her here on a remaining relative visa. I don't know which one would be best.

I'm currently booking flights for her to at least visit but am wondering which visa I should get for her now? Do I get a 1 year tourist visa with the 3 month interval visits? or can I apply for an exact 1 year tourist visa? Or does it have to be 3 months only? If I do a 3 month tourist visa can I apply for one of the other ones while she's here or does she have to leave the country again? I prefer she stay. And am looking for the cheapest alternative.

I am her only remaining sibling and she has no other family in the states. I am also a permanent resident of Australia with a home and in a committed relationship with my australian partner.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Maybe I did not see it but from what country is your parent from and on what conditions and how long have you been in Australia?


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Last sentence..... from the States.

I've been a permanent resident for nearly 3 years.

We are currently attempting a short stay visa (1 year), have filed the application. Just waiting on an answer.