being threatened by someone saying they will file a case and deport us back


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my brother and his friend satrted an online business by hiring some programer (asian) from they told their programmer about the marketing and business plan and show some online reseller's website address. just to give them an idea hwo the website will look like and how things will appear. however they copied the description and image from google but unfrtunately we found out that all the descriptions and images which were copied from ggogle actually represents one single company though the images were common image , not their own. programmers used some code which pick up the best from google.

now that site owner saw that and start to threaten us. he says why we have copied their description , we have copied their image bla bla bla. they even threatened us over phone in voice message option. they used such words that can be taken as crime if we consider it under racism.

however, as we were selling technology related part so there are strong possibilities that the description of a product should match.

as for example "i am selling a 15" black monitor" and they are selling same thing. now we are selling a thing which cant be defined in other words. they complained about us in google and data infringement who looks after copyright thing.

but honestly speaking, when they made the 1st call and complained we shut down our site and started to rebuild so that they dont have anymore complaints as we can see our programmers made a little mistake by copying them. however the thing is we shut down our site and start working on it since the placed teh 1st call to us. trust me they werent using good words. they were using slangs and crazy things. they even threatened us that they will sue us and they will deport us , as they know we are not a US citizen. we just have work permits.

we just launched a week ago and its an LLC, if they sues us we wont be able to hire even a lawyer. what i wanna know is, though i have shut down my site stopped all the things and started to work rebuilding again, can they still sue us?

i am a young man, never had a bad record , just missed this whole copyright thing because if my programmers. they dont know the law of usa very well. but once i saw that i shut down the site at once.

so can anyone suggest me , what to do? they have threatened us twce though we have shut down at the very first time they called and complained (the degree of complain was not in good manner from any point).

i know we had made a mistake but any help will be appreciated.

thanks in advance


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This guys are full of it. They have zero authority when it comes to enforcing immigration laws. ICE will not respond to this kind of tip/intel from parties involved in a dispute. Now if you were arrested and convicted of a crime then you could face removal. I don't see that being the case since all they can do is sue you for damages (money).


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dear ImmGuru35,

well they wanna sue us for damage for money or just for being aggressive or jealous. now i know that copy thing was illegal and its against the law. But i didn't know that my programmers copied the whole thing. i shut down the site and closed it. now i am rebuilding it with clean stuffs. as it were holidays so we didn't get any notice from them but after the holidays are over we might face. in that case what can we do? i know that we have made a mistake by copying their descriptions (though we didn't know it and we didn't do it our programmers did).

what should we do?
thanks for your previous reply.


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dear Triple Citizen,

well i know that they wont deport us personally but they will do something or complain to the proper authority for doing so. what i wanna know is , reviewing my case, do you think that we may face such consequences?

thanks for your reply.

Triple Citizen

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It all depends on how the plagiarism case plays out. Worst case (highly unlikely), there is a criminal charge against you, you are found guilty and a sentence of more than 1 year is imposed. In such a scenario, there is a possibility ICE may want to remove you after your sentence.

what i wanna know is , reviewing my case, do you think that we may face such consequences?