B2 Visa renewal for my parents - information/experience shared


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This is about the experience renewing my parents visa.

My parents 10 year B2 visa was about to expire and I set to renew it. After reviewing online information and website, I realized that there is no renewal option instead one has to apply like a new visa. But there is Interview Waiver Program (IWP) in place if your previous B2 visa is issued after Nov 2004 i.e. you just go to photo and finger printing appointment and no interview at the consulate. If your B2 visa is issued after Nov 2008 then no finger printing appointment and interview at the consulate. You have to use DropBox facilities. But again all the supporting documents needs to be submitted as per the online research.

It took me a while to gather the information such as pay slips, bank letter, employment verification letter etc. Due to some issues it took me 4 weeks for my employer to give me verification letter. After i got these documents for my parents they took the finger printing and photo appointment at the VSC center.

But to our surprise when my parents went to the VSC center they took only the passport of my parents and the DS160 confirmation page. Nothing else. My parents were little skeptical whether they will get visa or not. But I am happy to say that they received their visa.

So if any one is applying for B2 visa for the 2nd time then no need to gather supporting documents. All you need to do is apply online DS160. Take the confirmation page and the previous passports. You are good to go.

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Be a little careful here. What happened with your folks may not be applicable to the rest. Remember the idiom, "your mileage may vary".

So if any one is applying for B2 visa for the 2nd time then no need to gather supporting documents.


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well, in my case VSC refused to take any of my supporting documents. so I should say "check with your VSC first before gathering supporting documents."

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