B2 Visa Extension


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I have a good friend who is visiting from Thailand on a B2 visa. He is wanting to file an extension (he totally underestimated how cold it gets here in the winter and wants to see some outdoor stuff). He works in hotel management and his employer is encouraging him to stay, as it is allowing him to learn US customs and learn English, a huge benefit at his job. Anyway, he came here with a large amount of cash to support himself. He has free food and lodging, any suggestions on how to prove financial responsibility for extending visa? If I had realized what he was doing, I’d have helped him open a bank account or make other arrangements. But, I’m afraid it’d look kinda shady to do so shortly before applying for extension. Thanks!


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It’s typically taking 4.5 months to process form i539 at present, so he runs the almost certain risk of staying past his current i94 expiry date by filing an extension. He wouldn’t be accumulating illegal presence if he has filed in time and while he is waiting to hear the outcome, however, if his application gets rejected (which to be honest imo seems the most likely outcome for a B2 extension for what uscis may consider spurious reasons) then note that he will have been in overstay as from the date of expiry of the current i94. This overstay in turn would invalidate his existing B visa and make getting another one more difficult with a overstay on his record. If he is prepared to accept this risk, then sure let him file.


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His employer is encouraging him to prolong his stay? Did he come to the US on behalf of his employer to start with or he originally came as a tourist? Plus he underestimated how cold it gets here in Winter? I’m sorry your friend’s reason for wanting to extend his allowed stay sounds rather frivolous to me, I expect USCIS to deny the request.

What is the duration of stay your friend was originally granted at the POE on his arrival?


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His employer encouraging him to stay sounds spurious, as no employer would want an employee to run afoul of US law. What was your friend's intent when he entered the US?

Is the friend familiar with the weather.com site or app?