B2 visa extension for Canadian due to virus scare...

Hello. I just now joined the forum. I have a question.

So my situation is that I am in USA with my parents ( who reside here) and I am a Canadian citizen. I know i can stay for 6 months, as I have done in past. However this time due to virus and flight suspended to Canada and issue with Canada /US borders, safety. etc. I do not want to take the risk and fly back to Canada. Now my 6month expires according to I94 is on April 20, 2020.
and I want to stay longer, maybe till June, Hopefully by then the virus will die down according to health officials. I know i have to fill out I539 form. Now the time is short. But I am hoping this is a emergency situation. and I hope they will listen to my request. Now if they deny my request, and I get a reply on or after April 20, then what happens. Do i have to leave USA asap? or i have a 30 days window period to say here in USA. I just worry about the denial. Since I have a short window ( April 20th).
Anyways any advise about this issue would be great.

thank you


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For I-539, it just needs to be received before your status expires. So you have enough time to apply, especially since it can be filed online. It usually takes several months to process, so a denial is not likely to come soon. If it is denied and you are still here, you are supposed to leave. There is no grace period and you start accruing unlawful presence immediately, but unlawful presence doesn't cause a ban unless you accrue 180 days of it. There is supposed to be a 33-day window before they issue a Notice to Appear for removal proceedings, but I am not sure if they are still doing that in current circumstances.
"Have you or any other applicant done anything wrong that violated the terms of nonimigrant status that you now hold".

Now very long time ago like 2012-2013ish i had stayed like 7 months (instead of the regular 6months period).
And I have had no trouble since then entering in US. So should i click yes? i dont think that is valid anymore right?