B2 Visa - Canadian Permanent Resident with US travel ban


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Hi everyone,
my boyfriend is Brazilian and Portuguese (Portuguese passport), and he just received his Canadian permanent residence. From 2015-2017 he overstayed his ESTÁ in the US and has since been told by US border officers that he needs to obtain a B2 visitor visa in order to be allowed back into the states prior to his 10 year ban ending.
he’s been denied the B2 twice, once with Canadian Visitor Status, and once as a Canadian Work Permit holder. Now that he has his Canadian permanent residence, what do you think the chances are he’ll be approved for the B2? Any thoughts or help is much appreciated! We have a car, an apartment, he wants to start college in the fall, and now with the PR I feel his chances are much better. thanks so much in advance!


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More likely he needs to wait out his full ban regardless of current residence or passport. If he left the US in 2017 after a more than 1 year overstay his ban will be to 2027.


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Canadian permanent residency will not override the ban he’s under. He needs t wait out the ban.