B2 - bank account

I was in USA for the past 3 summers working in MD (first 2 times on a J1 visa, 3rd time on a H2B visa). Right now I`m in my home country, I'm not currently working and I`ll apply for masters here this summer. I am planning on going back in MD for a couple of weeks at the end of this summer and apply for a tourist visa later in august, after I`ll be admitted to masters (so I`ll be a student at the time of the visa interview). I still have a Bank of America account and I still have some money in said account (from what I saved up during my working time there) but it`s not quite $5000 (I have the rest in cash). I know I have to have at least this amount in order to get the B2 visa.
My question: Could it be a problem at the visa interview if I show that bank account in USA? or should I transfer the money in an account here in Romania? And I should add some money to have a total of 5000, how long before the visa interview should I do that so there won`t be problems?
Also, what are my chances in getting this visa if I am not currently working? Does being a student helps? (I was there 3 times and came back in time every time)
Thank you!