b1 visa refused need advice on new application


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I applied a b1 visa in april 2018 and was refused on of not having strong reasons that i will come back to the UK. I will try to give as much info about my self I can and then if you guys can give you input and any suggestions for a new application. I am 39 years old Pakistani on a 10 year partner rout visa in UK, earning 2k pounds a month, i have a british partner with 3 british kids. we live together. i have 2 driving convictions in UK and a fight with my partner which went to court 4 years ago and then settled. i have been in UK for 12 years now, came as a student and then met my partner and switched my visa. I applied to visit my uncle in usa along with my partner but was refused. i was asked few questions about my self, my partner, my job and the family I was going to visit in USA, I stated that my trip will be of 10 days, i had my job and my bank statement documents on me.
I would like to apply for the visa again around xmas time, I would like to know what can i do to convince the IO,
I hope this info is enough for you guys to advice me but if any other thing you need to know please let me know.
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What's a partner rout visa? I'm unfamiliar with UK visas and can't make out if it's a typo of some sort. Are you married, to a UK national?

That being said, applying mere months following a refusal is another recipe for refusal. The biggest issue I see for the denial is the fight that landed you in court. And what kind of driving convictions do you have, if you care to share? Plus, your switch from a student visa, and from what I can glean, your non-permanent visa status in the UK isn't enough to convince a US visa officer. All in all, from what you've posted, it doesn't sound as if you'd be approved in the near future.

Was your partner also refused a visa alongside you?


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I imagine the kinds of questions a CO is considering include what the partner does/earns, and how old the kids are - OP’s income is not very high for a family of 5. Presuming not married (partner not spouse visa) = less tie, especially given past court action between them. One wonders what uncle does in US and how close the relationship is that wanting to visit uncle is a motivator, considering many places much closer and cheaper to get to than the US to go on holiday to. Bottom line is that if nothing in OP’s situation has changed since last interview there is no reason to believe the decision will be different.

OP mentions partner is British so presumably partner can travel on VWP and doesn’t need visa (unless partner has criminal conviction or other issue preventing VWP being usable)