B1 rejected twice. should i apply again?


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hi all
i appeared for B1 twice but rejected.

1st interview (August 28,2014)

VO: Purpose of trip?
ME: Technical training and discussions

VO: Duration of Stay?
ME: 3 Months.

VO:Do u have any relatives in USA?
ME: Yes, My brother (U.S Citizen)

VO: Sorry you are not qualified for VISA

VO didnt even saw my invitation

2nd attempt (January 26,2015)


VO: Purpose?
ME: Techincal training and meeting

ME: 6Weeks

VO: Salary
ME: Told

VO: Asked me for invite
ME: Provided

VO: For how long u have been working in ur company
ME: 3yrs

VO: Is your brother in USA
ME: Yes

VO: What did he do in usa?
ME: Network ENGG.

VO: When did last time u met him
ME: 1.5yrs before

VO: Sorry ur VISA is not approved and 214B given.

Should i apply again? This training is very important for me and my company wants me to try again within in 15 days? Sholud i change my purpose from training to business meetings? Please suggest

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Do not change the "reason" for your application anticipating it will bring you success. If you are going for training then state that you are going for training.