B1 B2 visa rejected for my daughter 3 times


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First time 2003 (daughter, son in law and 1 grand kid)

Second time 2008 (daughter and 2 grand kid)

Third may 2012. (daughter and 2 grand kid) (rejected reason you wont come back)

i am 62 year old us citizen working in medical field applied immigration for my daughter December 2008 family( daughter, her husband and 2 kids)

my son immigrated 2001 he was 16 at the time and US citizen in 2007 stayed at my daughter house (2009 until 2012) studied in college in Chennai India.

he came to US for 2 months college break. and he had car accident here in USA and passed away.

i wanted to bring my daughter and 2 grand kids to see my son death anniversary 3rd year (stay for 45 days and leave back to India ) visit the accident site etc. (took my son to India for funeral arrangement)

the immigration officer never looks at doc first 3 attempt.

Back ground (daughter home maker, 2 grand kids age 12 and 7

m friend said apply with a elderly person like her mother-in-law?

any advice will be appreciated

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You mentioned there is an immigration petition for your daughter. In that case, it is close to impossible for her to overcome 214(b).