B1/B2 visa Administrative Processing


I was interviewed for the B1/B2 visa on September 26, 2017 in Canada (currently working in Canada) and my case was sent to Administrative Processing and my passport was returned. My intention is to visit for couple of weeks in late December/early January for a conference. Its been 10 weeks without any change of status or contact from the consulate. I did reach out to them couple times but they weren't able to provide any information.

Please note that I have lived in the U.S. as a student for last several years, received two degrees, no legal issues, felonies whatsoever. My last student visa, five years ago, had also gone to Administrative Processing which took around 5-6 weeks. This time around, the VO noted all my information, kept documents, asked to email a CV and mentioned that similar to your last visa, your case will have to go to AP and current AP times are about a month. I know that my academics and research would be on the TAL, but its all commercial and academic.

I still have a few weeks until my intended travel time, I was wondering to see if anybody out there can give my some insight into what may be going on in my case.



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Obviously no one here could shed any light as AP can be as long as the embassy (ie various US govt agencies) need. Going by the assumption that you do not possess a Canadian passport, your country of nationality and/or your academic background require potentially extensive checks. It's possible you may hear something in due course.
Thank you for your comment, I understand no one can predict the timeline, the idea was to see if anybody else has had or heard of something similar, and if such cases are usually set to 'low-priority' since the intended time of travel is in a few months time?

This happens when an officer sees some red flags in the application or sometimes they cannot find necessary records in their own system to process a case. If you have not had any previous immigration-related violations or problems with U.S. law enforcers, I would not be worried too much.
Thank you for your response, George67. Now that you say this, I had accidentally put my DOB wrong (a few days off) in my application however that was corrected by the general consulate officer when I showed my documents for the first time, well before the interview. As far as immigration related problems, never had any!