B1/B2 extension/ Student visa


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My mother and sister have B2 (Tourist Visa) which expires in February 2022. My mother is a domestic abuse victim. They were thrown out of the house recently and due to the situation I asked them to fly to the USA to temporarily keep them safe . They have received death threats after they came here and is unable to return. Their B2 visa will expire in February 2022.

I became a PR holder in September 2019. Is there any way I could sponsor my mother to keep her safe till I become a citizen in 2022?

My aunt (my mother's sister ) filed for I-130 for my mom in 2014. Is there anyway to expedite it due to the situation they are in now?

Should we apply for a student visa for my sister that way she can stay here with my mother?

Can a US citizen sponsor my mother for an H2B visa as a caregiver ?

I’m trying to figure out a way to keep them safe legally.
Thank you.