[B] PERM Employer Regitration - no email, no PIN after6 weeks [/B]

Discussion in 'PERM' started by payamarchi, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. payamarchi

    payamarchi Registered Users (C)

    My employer registered on the PERM website more than 6 weeks ago, but he has not yet received PIN and password. He sent an email to them to follow up, no response so far.

    Any suggestion, help guys?
    what should he do?
  2. payamarchi

    payamarchi Registered Users (C)

    After 50 days, 2 emails for follow up, twice calls, no response yet....... what's wrong with DOL???????????????
  3. crmnymus

    crmnymus New Member

    Hello. How did this end up for all of you? How long did it take to receive the email from DOL with the username, password and PIN? I am having the same situation and it has been 3 weeks already since the registration was made on the website.

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